Love Letter to 41.


Dearest 41,

I hope to live this year with you in harmony and in love and in contentment.

I hope that we treat each other with kindness and tenderness and forgiveness

I hope that we embrace all the triumphs and all the challenges that come our way.

I hope that we live each day with a heart full of gratitude … focused on living a life out of love and out of understanding and out of acceptance.

I hope that we continue to be open to growth and change and life’s lesson.

I hope that we listen to the callings of our soul and of our heart and honor them fully.

I hope that we inspire those around us and those not around us by our words and our actions … I hope we create a ripple effect of love and goodness throughout.

I hope there are many sweet adventures in store for us … full of laughter and dancing and love and light and yumminess.

I hope there are new magical discoveries all along this path … 41.

I hope we take really good care of this body of ours … nourishing it properly with good food and plenty of water and exercise.

I hope we serve from the fullness of our hearts … and listen to the calling that God has on our life.

I hope we are the best of friends.

All my love,



…a stab at poetry

IMG_0055She slowly, meticulously removed the masks

from her face.

One by one, each time a bit slower than the last.

The deep seeded fear rose to her fingertips,

trembling as she prepared to remove the last of these shields.

“Will they still love me?”, she thought.

“Will they still want me around?”







She knew.

“a little bird told me” WINNER!

My little bit has picked the winner of the wonderfully awesome giveaway of the beautiful book, “A Little Bird Told Me”.

I did it the old fashioned way, writing down everyone’s name on a piece of paper and throwing it in a hat … Sydnie then picked the lucky winner!

Congratulations Eva!!!  I know this book will bring you so much …so much wisdom, so much LOVE!!!

I don’t have your email address so I am hoping you see this and can email me with your address where we should ship your book.

Thank you all for entering and i cannot recommend enough that purchasing this sweet treasure would be so worth it!!



“a little bird told me” GIVEAWAY

i am so honored to be hosting a giveaway for this amazing book my friend, the beautiful and ever so talented, Melody Ross wrote.  She is living, breathing, walking LOVE to me.  She is a precious treasure and I am blessed to call her my sister, my friend.

i cannot begin to put into words how GORJUSS this book is … every inch, every color, every word, every last detail.  it is filled to the brim with encouragement, wisdom, passion, authenticity and love, love, love, love, LOVE!!  did i mention LOVE??!!

reading from this book has become a part of my daily morning prayer/meditation practice … it always has an important message for me.

so…in order to enter the giveaway, simply finish this sentence …

“i believe _______________________________.”

and also please add your email address so i can contact the winner!!!

the giveaway will close saturday at midnight and i will draw a winner at random on sunday!!!

best of luck.


…my mantra, my soul

i feel that we are meant to love from the hearts we are born with … the heart of a child.

the innocent heart … the tender heart … the wild heart … the unbridled heart …the heart that has not been scarred … the heart that has not felt pain … the heart that has not seen heartache and anger and bitterness …. the heart that has not been tainted by harsh words.

God wants us to love from our childlike hearts ….

love without any boundaries, love with all that we are and all that we have.

Love without limits … without guidelines or restrictions or rules.

Love with tenderness and ease and acceptance …

not with ignorance or discrimination or prejudice.

God wants us to love with our souls …. the pure souls we are born into this world with.  Love without an agenda … JUST LOVE.

and when we feel we have loved enough … to LOVE MORE.

it is the answer …. it is the cure ….

it is the medicine, the healing balm …. it is the reason we are here.

 i strive to align more with this every single day i am blessed with.

thank you for listening,

(my vision for our world….loveWILD…The Misson is in the womb.)

…friday focus

taken with my iphone … carpinteria beach

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth,

so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind.

To make a deep physical path, we walk AGAIN and AGAIN.

To make a deep mental path, we musth think OVER and OVER the kind of thoughts

we wish to DOMINATE our lives.”

– Henry David Thoreau