…my mantra, my soul

i feel that we are meant to love from the hearts we are born with … the heart of a child.

the innocent heart … the tender heart … the wild heart … the unbridled heart …the heart that has not been scarred … the heart that has not felt pain … the heart that has not seen heartache and anger and bitterness …. the heart that has not been tainted by harsh words.

God wants us to love from our childlike hearts ….

love without any boundaries, love with all that we are and all that we have.

Love without limits … without guidelines or restrictions or rules.

Love with tenderness and ease and acceptance …

not with ignorance or discrimination or prejudice.

God wants us to love with our souls …. the pure souls we are born into this world with.  Love without an agenda … JUST LOVE.

and when we feel we have loved enough … to LOVE MORE.

it is the answer …. it is the cure ….

it is the medicine, the healing balm …. it is the reason we are here.

 i strive to align more with this every single day i am blessed with.

thank you for listening,

(my vision for our world….loveWILD…The Misson is in the womb.)