my little bit reaching … teaching me every single day

“Every object,
every being,
is a jar





monday music muse


“Holy light, oh, burn the night, oh keep the spirits strong
Watch it grow, child of wolf
Keep holdin’ on”


“found” on the beach in carpinteria

sometimes we get lost …. only to be found again.

sometimes it happens in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

however, i know it will only happen

when we are receptive, open, aware & ready

to come back home to ourselves.

i am eternally grateful for those inspiring me, loving me through, & continually guiding me,

back home…

to me.


…rumi love

“The days you give me I give back to you.

I have seen your unseeable beauty and taken report without

words to my HEART, which became all eye with the news.

“Long life to eyes,” says my HEART now

over and over.”


(photo taken of my little bit via iphone)