Love Letter to 41.


Dearest 41,

I hope to live this year with you in harmony and in love and in contentment.

I hope that we treat each other with kindness and tenderness and forgiveness

I hope that we embrace all the triumphs and all the challenges that come our way.

I hope that we live each day with a heart full of gratitude … focused on living a life out of love and out of understanding and out of acceptance.

I hope that we continue to be open to growth and change and life’s lesson.

I hope that we listen to the callings of our soul and of our heart and honor them fully.

I hope that we inspire those around us and those not around us by our words and our actions … I hope we create a ripple effect of love and goodness throughout.

I hope there are many sweet adventures in store for us … full of laughter and dancing and love and light and yumminess.

I hope there are new magical discoveries all along this path … 41.

I hope we take really good care of this body of ours … nourishing it properly with good food and plenty of water and exercise.

I hope we serve from the fullness of our hearts … and listen to the calling that God has on our life.

I hope we are the best of friends.

All my love,



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