“a little bird told me” GIVEAWAY

i am so honored to be hosting a giveaway for this amazing book my friend, the beautiful and ever so talented, Melody Ross wrote.  She is living, breathing, walking LOVE to me.  She is a precious treasure and I am blessed to call her my sister, my friend.

i cannot begin to put into words how GORJUSS this book is … every inch, every color, every word, every last detail.  it is filled to the brim with encouragement, wisdom, passion, authenticity and love, love, love, love, LOVE!!  did i mention LOVE??!!

reading from this book has become a part of my daily morning prayer/meditation practice … it always has an important message for me.

so…in order to enter the giveaway, simply finish this sentence …

“i believe _______________________________.”

and also please add your email address so i can contact the winner!!!

the giveaway will close saturday at midnight and i will draw a winner at random on sunday!!!

best of luck.



77 thoughts on ““a little bird told me” GIVEAWAY

  1. I believe nothing in particular….. (let me explain. I was listening to Oprah intereview Eckhart Tolle on Saturday and she was giving him sentences like that to finish. When she said “I believe….”, that’s how he answered it!! She could not stop laughing, but I do get it. Eckhart is one of my favorite people ever….. As Eckhart believes, so I believe!)

  2. I believe in the power of love! the strength that we receive from giving and soaking in love. I believe that with love and tenderness we can heal our broken hearts and leap into the unknown. Love, love, love. I believe in LOVE!

  3. I believe to take nothing for granite. To end every day as if there is no tomorrow and leave nothing unsaid. Tell those you love them and never leave on a bad word, as tomorrow is unknown for sure. With my dad passing just recently this has become more aware and words to live by for me. I believe that there is a God that loves and cares for me and forgives me for what I have done wrong.

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